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   How we work...

  • Working with us is uncomplicated.  Just submit a project that you want funded, along with our initial fee of $1,500.

  • We will evaluate the project and, if we think it is viable, we will accept the project and try to fund it.

  • We then match your project with an Investor that we think will be interested.

  • We make a presentation to the Investor, find out the terms and conditions of the investment, and present those terms to you.

  • If you accept the terms, we then work out, together, how Fallen Angel will be compensated and all three of us make a written commitment to the project, amount of funding, terms and conditions and so forth.

  • The project is then funded to escrow, everyone gets a chance to express buyer's remorse, the funding is then released (along with Fallen Angel's payment).

  • Fallen Angel will continue to be available to help resolve any near-term issues.

If we accept your project, we will attempt to solve all the problems along the way to the final funding moment.  This can mean that we provide one or more of the following:  Technical Writing, Development of a Business Plan, Implementing Non-disclosure Agreements, Due Diligence, Creating and making Presentations, Procuring Bonds, and even developing Websites. 

We can also provide consulting services in those areas.

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