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Putting it Together:  Simple as...

  1. Once we have, together with a Seeker, reached an understanding on the size, scope, and term of the 'ask', Fallen Angel will attempt to make a match with an appropriate Investor.  We will develop a presentation for the Investor, and seek agreement on how much, how long, at what costs, and with what conditions.

  2. If we can reach agreement with the Investor, we will then work with the Seeker to see if the Investor terms are acceptable.  If they are, we will ask for written commitments from both the Investor and from the Seeker.  In those documents we (Fallen Angel) will also spell out our fees which can be flat, percentage, or (rarely) equity.

  3. After a suitable period to allow for buyer's remorse, the project will be funded, Fallen Angel will be paid, and we will be available to work out any near terms difficulties.

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