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At Fallen Angel, we have two types of clients -- those who need funding (Seekers) and those that provide funding (Investors).

From our Seekers, we will want to know:

  • What you want (which is not always money).

  • The scope and the size of the 'ask'.

  • The term of the need.

  • All about collateral (we can be very creative about collateral!)

  • Character and references.

From our Investors, we will want to know:

  • Do you qualify as a 'sophisticated investor' -- we can't work with any other investment class.

  • Statement of collateral (usually needed for securing bonds).

  • Areas of interest such as 'technology', or 'real estate'.  US or International?

  • Preferences as to investment instruments.

  • Tolerance for risk.

  • Expectations regarding ROI.

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