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Thinking of Investing?

Fallen Angel Ventures LLC is a discreet, private business which receives funding requests on a daily basis.  These requests range from relatively simple bridge loans with strong collateral to setting up an advance on the sale of an item (e.g. important artwork or other properly appraised object -- perhaps even real-estate) to more complex longer term loans with well-thought-through exit strategies.


The way we work includes reasonable due diligence, but perhaps more importantly, mitigates risk by using surety bonds and by giving preference to projects that involve substantial collateral.


At present we have more requests than we can fund and many potentially rewarding opportunities are going to waste.  So we are seeking sophisticated investors who can be reliable, repeatable sources of monies for the types of projects which pass our particular litmus tests.  Your individual investment requirements can be matched to appropriate projects, and full project details will be provided prior to making any decisions.


If you would be willing to take the time necessary to consider some of these opportunities, please send us an email and we will begin our relationship with an NDA followed by the presentation of a few of our current opportunities. 


Any investment you make will be secured by a promissory note binding under Washington State law and a surety bond for the amount of the loan.  Please note that we do not ask for any fees to be paid by our investors -- our clients pay our fees, including bonding.  


We look forward to working with you!


Marilee Smith Fitch

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